Think Inside The Box.

Patented learning method for Object Oriented and Procedural programming languages.

Objectively Beautiful Lessons.

Works in all browsers.

Our memory box and memory objects work in all modern browsers and all modern platforms. View lessons in HTML5, wherever you go.

It has to look good on all devices.

We are ready for Apple, Windows, Android and anything else you can throw at us, both in terms of interacting with the Memory Boxes, and platforms you can learn programming for.

What is the Vivek Memory Box?



Learn complicated programming concepts in a simple and structured way. Put it all together into a cohesive body of developer knowledge.



How do concepts of objects, properties, events and triggers all stack together, in your knowledge and in computer's memory?



Produce quality code that fits together well and can be restructured, optimized, analyzed and improved using various programming concepts.

Leaders in Global Reach and Education.

Instantly Accessible

Take our classes from anywhere at any time. Preview a course and its materials. Audit a course for a week and make sure its the right fit for your educational goals.

Flexible Coursework

You can take just one class, or get a full certification in a particular field. You are also able to get a full programming degree.

Global Leaders

We have a fantastic international team of experts, educators, programmers and academics, all proficient in exclusively teaching in English.

Here is what we cover.

(Pssst. We cover everything.)


Writing code and writing comments. Get the scoop on Object Oriented and Procedural languages.


Get in touch with your instructor in real time to clarify any questions you may have, or even send assignments.


We go beyond just programming and focus on the final result of your work, with beautiful UI and design.


Learn how abstraction facilitates essential information of an object, allowing easy conceptualization of real world objects into the software program.


It's all about mobility. The rise of modern languages was fueled by the emergence of the Internet, and its widespread adoption coincided with that of the Internet.


You can run your Vivek Memory Box applications on your own on any device, or view prepared video lessons with explanations.

About Us

We are a software programming education leader with a patented teaching method that helps students across the world -- From Mysore to the Maldives, and from Memphis to Michigan, and beyond.

Vivek Memory Box
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